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Chen Yibing Gymnastics Photo - About.com
Cheng Yibing (China) shows excellent form on this vault. His legs are together and straight, with his feet pointed. It's often difficult for gymnasts to keep their ...
Chinese gymnast Cheng Yibing Performs on Vault - Gymnastics
Chinese gymnast Chen Yibing vaults high above the landing mat.
2008 Olympic Gymnastics Results - About.com
Men's Rings: 1. Chen Yibing, China 16.600 2. Yang Wei , China 16.425 3. Alexander Vorobiov, Ukraine 16.325. Men's Vault: 1. Leszek Blanik, Poland, 16.537 2.
London 2012 Olympic Games - Chinese Culture - About.com
The men's gymnastics team took home the gold as did Zuo Kai for floor exercise and Feng Jie for parallel bars. Chen Yibing took silver on the men's rings.
Amazing Gymnastics Photos - About.com
Cheng Fei (China) keeps good for... Cheng Fei (China) keeps good form during ... Cheng Yibing (China) performs a ... Cheng Yibing (China) performs a vault ...
Gymnastics Apparatus - About.com
BEIJING - AUGUST 10: Cheng Fei of China launches off of the vault during the ... Chinese gymnast Chen Yibing performs a Maltese on rings at the 2008 ...

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