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The Top American Gymnasts of All Time


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Shannon Miller
Shannon Miller
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Shannon Miller, was, quite simply, a stud. She won two back-to-back world all-around titles in 1993 and 1994, and earned the all-around silver in the 1992 Olympics. Impressively, she was still a medal contender in the all-around four years later in 1996. Though she finished eighth after some mistakes, she won the 1996 Olympic beam title and helped the US team win gold that year as well. Miller excelled on the international stage at a time when the all-around competition was still very competitive too: Three gymnasts were allowed per country into all-around finals, and the former Soviet Union had especially strong contenders in Barcelona.

Miller won two senior U.S. all-around titles (1996 and 1993) and four national titles on individual events. The only major title that eluded her was the Olympic all-around one (though she did earn silver in 1992), and her prominence over so many years makes her the top US gymnast of all time.

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