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Gymnasts on Twitter


Briley Casanova (@BrileyCasanova)

US national team member

Napualani Hall (@puahall808 )

US junior elite gymnast

Nina Kim (@Ninacolada05)

Former University of Utah gymnast and US national team member

Kristina Baskett (@Krisbaskett)

Former NCAA champion (bars) for the University of Utah

Gael Mackie (@Canuck_Ute)

Canadian Olympian and current University of Utah gymnast

Charlotte Mackie (@char_mackie)

Canadian elite gymnast and younger sister to Gael

Anna Li (@Gymbe4)

UCLA gymnast and former elite

Annie DiLuzio (@bananniemay)

University of Utah gymnast and former US national team member

Tia Orlando (@Peeny218)

Former US national team member and Arizona State University gymnast
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