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Getting Started

Find out the benefits of gymnastics for athletes of any age, get advice on finding a gymnastics club and tips on proper attire, and learn the fundamentals of gymnastics safety.
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Start Your Child in Gymnastics
How to find the right gymnastics club, what to wear, and the equipment you'll need.

Readers Share: Finding the Right Gymnastics Club
Give your best tips and read others' advice on what to look for in a gymnastics club.

Where to Buy Leotards
The simplest ways to find great leotards -- whether you're looking for convenience, a bargain, or the best selection.

Learn Gymnastics
Check out these skill tutorials to help you progress through the sport.

Readers Share: Adult Gymnastics
Find out what others have to say about trying gymnastics as an adult, and share your own experience.

Why Do Adult Gymnastics?
Roger Harrell, a gymnastics coach for over 15 years, weighs in on the many benefits of being an older gymnast, and gives a few tips to know before you get started.

Gymnastics Camps
Want to try out a camp this summer? Here's info on some of the biggest gymnastics camps in the US.

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