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The Top 10 Sticks of the Last 20 Years


One of the most basic rules of gymnastics is this: When your feet hit the ground on a dismount, vault or tumbling pass, don't let them move. Look as if you have so much control that you knew exactly when your body would hit the ground. Of course it's much easier said than done.

The "stick" of a landing often sets an extraordinary routine apart from simply a good one, and when it comes down to the medal rounds of the Olympics or World Championships, sticking the dismount can mean winning the gold -- or not.

There have been many incredible sticks throughout the years. Here are some of the best in recent memory:

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#10: Elena Produnova, 2000 Olympic Beam Finals#9: Fabian Hambuechen, 2007 Worlds High Bar Finals#8: Alexei Nemov, 2000 Olympic All-Around Finals#7: Beth Tweddle, 2006 World Bar Finals
#6: Fan Ye, 2003 World Beam FinalsGymnast Nastia Liukin on the vault at the 2008 Olympics#5: Nastia Liukin, 2008 Olympic All-Around Finals#4: Igors Vihrovs, 2000 Olympic Floor Final#3: Carly Patterson, 2004 Olympic All-Around Finals
#2: Marian Dragulescu, 2004 Olympic Vault Finals#1: Paul Hamm, 2003 World All-Around Finals
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