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Men's Pommel Horse

Olympic Gymnastics Medalists


Men's Pommel Horse

Li Ning (China) performs on the pommel horse at the 1984 Olympics

© Trevor Jones / Getty Images

The Olympic men’s pommel horse medalists from 1896 through 2012.


  • 1896 (Athens, Greece):
    GOLD Louis Zutter, Switzerland
    SILVER Hermann Weingartner, Germany


  • 1900 (Paris, France): No men’s pommel horse competition held


  • 1904 (St. Louis, USA):
    GOLD Anton Heida, USA 42.00
    SILVER George Eyser, USA 33.00
    BRONZE William Merz, USA 29.00


  • 1908 (London, Great Britain): No men’s pommel horse competition held


  • 1912 (Stockholm, Sweden): No men’s pommel horse competition held


  • 1920 (Antwerp, Belgium): No men’s pommel horse competition held


  • 1924 (Paris, France):
    GOLD Josef Wilhelm, Switzerland
    SILVER Jean Gutweniger, Switzerland
    BRONZE Antoine Rebetez, Switzerland


  • 1928 (Amsterdam, Holland)
    GOLD Hermann Hänggi, Switzerland
    SILVER Georges Miez, Switzerland
    BRONZE Heikki Savolainen, Finland


  • 1932 (Los Angeles, USA)
    GOLD Istvan Pelle, Hungary
    SILVER Omero Bonoli, Hungary
    BRONZE Frank Haubold, USA


  • 1936 (Berlin, Germany)
    GOLD Konrad Frey, Germany
    SILVER Eugene Mack, Switzerland
    BRONZE Albert Bachmann, Switzerland


  • 1948 (London, Great Britain)
    GOLD (tie) Paavo Aaltonen, Finland; Veikko Huhtanen, Finland; Heikki Savolainen, Finland


  • 1952 (Helsinki, Finland)
    GOLD Viktor Chukarin, USSR 19.50
    SILVER (tie) Grant Shaginian, USSR 19.40; Evgeny Korolkov, USSR 19.40


  • 1956 (Melbourne, Australia)
    GOLD Boris Shakhlin , USSR 19.25
    SILVER Takashi Ono, Japan 19.20
    BRONZE Viktor Chukarin, USSR 19.10


  • 1960 (Rome, Italy
    GOLD (tie) Eugene Ekman, Finland 19.375; Boris Shakhlin, USSR 19.375
    BRONZE Shuji Tsurumi, Japan 19.150


  • 1964 (Tokyo, Japan)
    GOLD Miroslav Cerar, Yugoslavia 19.525
    SILVER Shuji Tsurumi, Japan 19.325
    BRONZE Yury Tsapenko, USSR 19.200


  • 1968 (Mexico City, Mexico)
    GOLD Miroslav Cerar, Yugoslavia 19.325
    SILVER Olli Laiho, Finland 19.225
    BRONZE Mikhail Voronin, USSR 19.200


  • 1972 (Munich, Germany)
    GOLD Viktor Klimenko, USSR 19.125
    SILVER Sawao Kato, Japan 19.000
    BRONZE Eizo Kenmotsu, Japan 18.950


  • 1976 (Montreal, Canada)
    GOLD Zoltan Magyar, Hungary 19.700
    SILVER Eizo Kenmotsu, Japan 19.575
    BRONZE (tie) Nikolai Andrianov, USSR 19.525; Michael Nikolai, East Germany 19.525


  • 1980 (Moscow, USSR)
    GOLD Zoltan Magyar, Hungary 19.925
    SILVER Alexander Dityatin, USSR 19.800
    BRONZE Michael Nikolai, East Germany 19.775


  • 1984 (Los Angeles, USA)*
    GOLD (tie) Li Ning, China 19.950; Peter Vidmar, USA 19.950
    BRONZE Timothy Daggett, USA 19.825


  • 1988 (Seoul, Korea)
    GOLD (tie) Dmitry Bilozerchev, USSR 19.950; Zsolt Borkai, Hungary 19.950; Lubomir Geraskov, Bulgaria 19.950


  • 1992 (Barcelona, Spain)
    GOLD (tie) Pae Gil-Su, North Korea 9.925; Vitaly Scherbo, The Unified Team** 9.925
    BRONZE Andreas Wecker, Germany 9.887


  • 1996 (Atlanta, USA)
    GOLD Li Donghua, Switzerland 9.875
    SILVER Marius Urzica, Romania 9.825
    BRONZE Alexei Nemov, Russia 9.787


  • 2000 (Sydney, Australia)
    GOLD Marius Urzica, Romania 9.862
    SILVER Eric Poujade, France 9.825
    BRONZE Alexei Nemov, Russia 9.800


  • 2004 (Athens, Greece)
    GOLD Teng Haibin, China 9.837
    SILVER Marius Urzica, Romania 9.825
    BRONZE Takehiro Kashima, Japan 9.787


  • 2008 (Beijing, China)
    GOLD Xiao Qin, China 15.875
    SILVER Filip Ude, Croatia 15.725
    BRONZE Louis Smith, Great Britain 15.725***


  • 2012 (London, Great Britain)
    GOLD Krisztian Berki, Hungary 16.066
    SILVER Louis Smith, Great Britain 16.066***
    BRONZE Max Whitlock, Great Britain 15.600

* In 1984, the USSR -- one of the most dominant teams of the era -- boycotted the Games, possibly affecting the results

** In 1992, the former USSR competed as the Unified Team, then split into independent republics starting in 1996

*** This tie was broken. More on tie breaks


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