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Women's Vault

Olympic Gymnastics Medalists


Annia Hatch (USA), Monica Rosu (Romania) and Anna Pavlova (Russia) receive their Olympic medals on vault
Chris McGrath/Staff/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The Olympic vault medalists from 1952 (the first year women's vault competition was held), through 2012.

  • 1952 (Helsinki, Finland)
    GOLD Ekaterina Kalintshuk, USSR 19.200
    SILVER Maria Gorokhovskaya, USSR 19.190
    BRONZE Galina Minaitsheva, USSR 19.160


  • 1956 (Melbourne, Australia)
    GOLD Larissa Latynina, USSR 18.833
    SILVER Tamara Manina, USSR 18.800
    BRONZE (tie) Ann-Sofi Volling, Sweden 18.733; Olga Tass, Hungary 18.733


  • 1960 (Rome, Italy)
    GOLD Margarita Nicolaeva, USSR 19.316
    SILVER Sofia Mouratova, USSR 19.049
    BRONZE Larissa Latynina, USSR 19.016


  • 1964 (Tokyo, Japan)
    GOLD Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia 19.483
    SILVER (tie) Larissa Latynina, USSR 19.283; Birgit Radochla, East Germany 19.283


  • 1968 (Mexico City, Mexico)
    GOLD Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia 19.775
    SILVER Erika Zuchold, East Germany 19.625
    BRONZE Zinaida Voronina, USSR 19.500


  • 1972 (Munich, Germany)
    GOLD Karin Janz, East Germany 19.525
    SILVER Erika Zuchold, East Germany 19.275
    BRONZE Ludmilla Tourischeva, USSR 19.250


  • 1976 (Montreal, Canada)
    GOLD Nellie Kim, USSR 19.800
    SILVER (tie) Ludmilla Tourischeva, USSR 19.650; Carola Dombeck, East Germany 19.650


  • 1980 (Moscow, USSR)
    GOLD Natalia Shaposhnikova, USSR 19.725
    SILVER Steffi Kraeker, East Germany 19.675
    BRONZE Melita Ruhn, Romania 19.650


  • 1984 (Los Angeles, USA)*
    GOLD Ecaterina Szabo, Romania 19.875
    SILVER Mary Lou Retton, USA 19.850
    BRONZE Lavinia Agache, Romania 19.750


  • 1988 (Seoul, Korea)
    GOLD Svetlana Boguinskaya, USSR 19.905
    SILVER Gabriela Potorac, Romania 19.830
    BRONZE Daniela Silivas, Romania 19.818


  • 1992 (Barcelona, Spain)
    GOLD (tie) Lavinia Milosovici, Romania 9.925; Henrietta Onodi, Hungary 9.925
    BRONZE Tatiana Lysenko, The Unified Team**


  • 1996 (Atlanta, USA)
    GOLD Simona Amanar, Romania 9.825
    SILVER Mo Huilan, China 9.768
    BRONZE Gina Gogean, Romania 9.750


  • 2000 (Sydney, Australia)
    GOLD Elena Zamolodchikova, Russia 9.731
    SILVER Andreea Raducan, Romania 9.693
    BRONZE Ekaterina Lobaznyuk, Russia 9.674


  • 2004 (Athens, Greece)
    GOLD Monica Rosu, Romania 9.656
    SILVER Annia Hatch, USA 9.481
    BRONZE Anna Pavlova, Russia 9.475


  • 2008 (Beijing, China)
    GOLD Hong Un Jong, North Korea 15.650
    SILVER Oksana Chusovitina, Germany 15.575
    BRONZE Cheng Fei, China 15.562


  • 2012 (London, Great Britain)
    GOLD Sandra Raluca Izbasa, Romania 15.191
    SILVER McKayla Maroney, USA 15.083
    BRONZE Maria Paseka, Russia 15.050

* In 1984 the USSR -- the most dominant team of the era -- boycotted the Games, possibly affecting the results

** In 1992, the former USSR competed as the Unified Team, then split into independent republics starting in 1996



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