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1992: Tatiana Gutsu Narrowly Wins Over Shannon Miller

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1992: Tatiana Gutsu Narrowly Wins Over Shannon Miller

Tatiana Gutsu (center) waves to the crowd as Shannon Miller (left) and Lavinia Milosivici (right) applaud

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In the 1992 Olympic all-around final in Barcelona, Tatiana Gutsu (competing as part of the Unified team) beat out Shannon Miller (USA) by .012, the smallest margin of victory ever. Gutsu's win caused much debate because many felt that Miller had performed better that day. While Gutsu had stumbled forward on her opening tumbling pass of her floor routine, Miller had had a virtually error-free competition.

To further spark the controversy, Gutsu had not technically qualified to the all-around competition. In preliminaries, she had fallen on her beam mount and failed to advance to the all-around finals because she was not one of the top three on the Unified team. Her coaches, knowing she had the potential to win gold, pulled Gutsu's teammate Roza Galieva from the all-around competition and put Gutsu in. Though this was not against the rules, it increased the indignation among those who felt Miller was the rightful winner of the 1992 all-around final.

Watch It:
Tatiana Gutsu on bars........Shannon Miller on bars
Gutsu on beam.....................Miller on beam
Gutsu on floor........................Miller on floor
Gutsu on vault.......................Miller on vault

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