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How to Do a Back Walkover


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Backbend Kickover
How to do a back walkover: backbend kickover
© 2009 Paula Tribble
The next step is to try a back bend kickover over a barrel mat or with a spotter:
  • Start standing up, with your arms stretched over your head.
  • Arch back slowly, using the barrel mat or a spotter to support your back.
  • Continue to arch back until you reach a bridge position. That was the backend.
  • Now you'll start the kickover. Push off with both legs at the same time, so your weight shifts to your hands.
  • Use the barrel mat or have your spotter help you kick your legs all the way up until you reach a handstand position.
  • Then step down one leg at a time into a lunge, as you would from a handstand.
When both you and your coach feel that you're ready, try the backbend kickover without a spotter or the barrel.
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