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Trampoline, Tumbling, Acro & Group

Find out all about the lesser-known types of gymnastics: trampoline, tumbling, acrobatic gymnastics and group gymnastics.

The Basics of Trampoline
All about Olympic trampoline: the competition, the qualifiers, and the equipment.

Trampoline Rules & Judging
All about the complex scoring system of Olympic trampoline. Here's how to understand the rules and enjoy watching the sport.

The Types of Gymnastics
There are seven different kinds of gymnastics -- do you know them all?

Coverage of the 2008 Olympic Trampoline Events
Videos and photos from NBC of the 2008 Olympic trampoline competition.

BLOG: Trampoline and Tumbling
Commentary, news and more from the coaches at St. Louis Elite Tramp and Tumble, a nationally-recognized gymnastics club.

The US Trampoline and Tumbling National Team
Bios and headshots of the US National Tramp and Tumbling Team members.

The US Acro National Team
Bios and headshots of the US National Acro Team.

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