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Reader Stories: A Skill That Makes Me Proud


Tell us about about a gymnastics skill you've learned. Was it one that took hundreds of tries to get? Or one that you learned in a day? Are you excited because it's so fun to do -- or because it's a skill very few other gymnasts at your level can do? Whatever makes you proud about your skill, talk about it here!

Doing a Round-off Back Handspring

I've been trying to get it for 3 years and when I got hurt, I was upset because almost everyone in my group got it but me. Even though I'm not in the "better" group for our show, I'm the only one in …More

Front Handspring

When I learned how to do a front handspring I was very proud because it was very hard to learn! My friend Lily also helped me. When we were at recess we practiced together and soon I got the hang of …More

Back Hip Circle

I remember it from years ago -- it was my fourth day of gymnastics and I could do a back hip circle all by myself! I know it doesn't seem big, but every time I master something in gymnastics it's lik…More

Back Walkover

When I was a beginner, I would fight myself to do a walkover. I could stand and drop into a bridge but I couldn't kick over to save my life. I kept wanting to kick up instead of over. Eventually i go…More

Learn a Front Flip

I'm a level 3 gymnast who started only a year and a half ago. At summer camp one of the coaches at my gym worked with me separately and asked me what I wanted to learn and I said a front tuck on floo…More

My Whip Back

It took me one practice to learn how to do a whip back and now I have a tumbling pass with two saltos, which was my last level 9 requirement! I was so proud and they are fun to do. I was so excited w…More

Learning a Flyaway

I got it yesterday! My whole team has there flyaway but me and there's a meet coming up. So my coaches said that I had to get it or I would not compete. So I told myself that if I wanted to get bette…More

Learning a Back Tuck on Beam

I was so proud of myself because I was the only one in my group and gym doing it! Also I had only done it about three times on the high beam with a spot and then I had to do it by myself and I wasn't…More

How I Learned a Back Tuck on Beam

I'm proud of this skill and myself for a few reasons. First, because it is a cool skill that no one else usually does. Second, it was very hard to learn, and usually when people try to learn it, they…More

Back Walkover on Beam!

I am really proud to have learned this skill because usually level 3s or 4s don't learn this skill and I worked very hard to get it. It is on my best event, beam, and I am proud to be able to do skil…More

Learning a Giant

I am proud of it because bars is not my best event at all, and it took me about 1,000 times to learn it at gymnastics camp last summer. Also, I was really scared at first and got past my fear. Now I …More

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