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Readers Respond: Karolyi's Gymnastics Camp Reviews

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From the article: Gymnastics Camps
Have you been to Karolyi's Camp? (karolyiscamps.com/)
Tell us about your experience. All reviews can be anonymous, but be sure to include as much info as you can:

- Whether you're a gymnast, coach, or parent, and what level you are (e.g. Parent of a level 5 gymnast)
- What you like and don't like about the camp. Talk about equipment, coaching, costs, camp activities and location, and anything else you'd like here.
- Would you recommend the camp? Feel free to rate it 1-10. (10 is best).

LOVE This Camp!!

I am going this year and have gone 2 times before! This camp is still fun to go alone with!
—Guest Lani level 7/8

Karolyi's Camp

I loved Karolyi's camp! I had a blast! But it seems more fun to go with friends! I went alone but I met a lot of people but go with friends! And remember to bring snacks and drinks to have in your cabin!
—Guest Level 5 Gymnast

It was a good experience-Gymnast

The cost was really cheap.But you got to see Bela Karoyli.The facalities of the cabins werent the best.But they werent bad.Lets just say that the cabins arent really furnished and new like my typical summer camps.But the full sized refridgerator and freazer came in handy.The facilities of the actual gym are good.Its amazing knowing that the #1 gymnast in the world's sweat is on the beam you are standing on.You use the actual facilities that the National Team uses.I liked that we could actaully bring our Iphones and Ipods and other electronics.The gym is like half a mile away from the cabins.So actually getting to the gym is basically the pre-stretch warm up.The food was good.Considering the camp is rrun by marta and bela you would expect everything to be healthy .but it wasnt all health saavy food.They actually had delicous camp food.
—Guest Anonymous

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