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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Leotard Brands?

Responses: 41


GF leotards

I buy russian leotards in http://www.gymnastics-fantastic.com/ - it's cheap and delivery is rather fast! They has really huge amount of different models(you can find it at their russian site danceplus.ru )! And all are awesome!!! They also put 'em in such cute boxes! My daughter is so happy getting them!
—Guest Eva, Romania

Get Leotards Online

Many clubs have their own sports shops and sell leotards. The advantage of this is being actually able to try the leotards on. On the other hand however, frequently the selection choices are not good, and that beautiful pink foil and velour leotard that your daughter has fallen in love with isn’t available in her size. There are lots of websites on the internet, if you’re looking to buy leotards online, and usually they have a significantly greater assortment of brands and prices than gym shops. Be sure to check the size charts and return policies before purchasing! Check out http://getleotards.com They have leotards for all budgets...even pre-used leos!

Milano leotards

They are expensive but they are the best quality and so comfortable. They have great colours and styles too. They are the best leotards -- they last ages as well.
—Guest 10storytimetales

Pelle Activewear and other brands

Full disclosure is that my wife and I own Pelle Activewear, so this is a biased comment, but I'll try to offer good information. Pelle Activewear manufactures and sells gymnastics-wear including leotards and biketards (sometimes called unitards; their like leotards with short legs). We actually sell more biketards than leotards, which may be unique to our gymnastics-wear company. Our focus is on the younger, recreation kids. Honestly, the older kids and competitive kids tend to choose GK or Alpha Factor over us, which is fine (those are good companies and they focus on competitive kids). We have a huge selection of durable, comfortable, colorful and fun biketards and leotards targeted at rec kids. Other companies that you might check out for biketards are Destira and Garland. We know the owners of both companies and they are good people with good products too.
—Guest Pelle


milano amazing, They are fully lined with 100% cotton, very beautiful designs, extremely comfortable and very good prices!
—Guest barbra

New and Pre Used Gymnastics Leotards

I like both GK Elite and Christian Moreau leotards. I recently found a really nice website called getleotards and purchased a beautiful preused GK Elite leotard for my daughter at a very reasonable price from them. This store also sells Moreau. The URL is: http://getleotards.com

another gymnastics leotards site

I wanted to let everyone know about Gymnasticsleotards4u.com Their leotard are very reasonably priced and they do not have overpriced shipping. They are quality leotards that girls love because they are wedgie-resistant. The website is: http://gymnasticsleotards4u.com
—Guest Kim Murphy

Get Leotards

I recently purchased some gymnastics leotards from 'Getleotards' at http://getleotards.com They are an online store that have loads of brand name leotards from Moreau, Snowflake, and Destira, and also sell pre used leos (mostly GK) that are in great condition-good for both practice and competition. You might want to check this store out if you're looking for gymnastics or dance apparel.

Best Leos

Definitely http://www.jagwearleos.com/ For sure my favorite supplier. I would never go to another place, even though they are a bit expensive.
—Guest Bianca Drumea

Cheap and Fun!

You guys need to realize these are gymnastics LEOTARDS, they aren't comfortable... I LOVE Melody Leotards.. They aren't very "popular" but they should be! They look way similar to GK, Snow Flake, and Alpha Factor Leotards.. But are close to 20$ cheaper! My favorite thing about these is that you pick a leo, then you get chose the colors! Its so fun! Have you seen the leo you love but it want it in pink instead of blue? Or orange instead of green? Well at Melody its completely your choice! They often get new leotards too.. :) http://www.melodyleotards.com/
—Guest gymnast106


My opinion for leotards is for www.dancewearsolutions.com.
—Guest shooting-gymnast


I have found a great source at leotardcity.com. They have very reasonably priced leotards (many for $19.99) and are a small business that is willing to work with you if your child doesn't fit the standard sizes. I agree that girth is most important measurement. And they have very specific size charts for different styles of leotards. Also available in LOTS of different colors and patterns. They also make matching shorts and scrunchies - my daughter just loves them!
—Guest Erica

5A Leotards

The best leos I've found are 5A leotards. They fit perfectly and never ride up or show panties (which my little one hates). And my daughter gets to design it the way she wants.
—Guest Aryana

Favorite leotard brand

I love Alpha Factor leotards on my daughter. They get my #1 vote.
—Guest Lori

Leotards: Best quality, best price

Melody leotards is a great site. They don't have the widest selection, but they have a nice variety. Their leos fit great (as good or better than GK), are relatively affordable and are customizable for no extra charge. Discount leotards also has some good leos from a variety of manufactures (snowflake, GK, alpha factor, motionwear, ect.) though the prices aren't all that discounted. My favorite site is Ebay which has highly unique leos for very affordable prices, and if you aren't comfortable buying used they do have quite a few new with tags leos though these are usually more expensive. Still affordable though.
—Guest Charity

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