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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Leotard Brands?

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Favorite leotard brand

I love Alpha Factor leotards on my daughter. They get my #1 vote.
—Guest Lori

Leotards: Best quality, best price

Melody leotards is a great site. They don't have the widest selection, but they have a nice variety. Their leos fit great (as good or better than GK), are relatively affordable and are customizable for no extra charge. Discount leotards also has some good leos from a variety of manufactures (snowflake, GK, alpha factor, motionwear, ect.) though the prices aren't all that discounted. My favorite site is Ebay which has highly unique leos for very affordable prices, and if you aren't comfortable buying used they do have quite a few new with tags leos though these are usually more expensive. Still affordable though.
—Guest Charity

Marinalinn's Gym Apparel

I recommend Marinalinn's Gym Apparel. They are fully lined with 100% cotton, very beautiful designs, extremely comfortable and very good prices!

GK Leotards

I personally like GK. Yes, they are pricey, but they fit well and I always can count on them to have good quality. I own only GK leotards -- they are my favorite.
—Guest eatsleepgymnastics

The best place to buy a leotard

The best place to buy a leotard is www.actionrhythmics.com. They sell leotards for different sports, levels, and budgets.
—Guest Maria

Best Leotards

I love We Love Colors leotards because they fit all three of my gymnasts, ages 5, 9, and 14. The quality is great -- I can wash them over and over again without wear and tear. Plus they have every color under the sun. www.welovecolors.com
—Guest Stephanie C.

Gymnastics Leotards

I love Snowflake Leotards... especially if you get the "Grab Bag" leotards. You never know what it will look like, but we have never been disappointed. Their leotards are just as good as GK (which I only buy on eBay- usually used). Just remember that gymnasts grow, so you may want to order a size up if the girth is close. I also just found a website a little bit ago (http://www.gymdigs.com/home) where for as little as $25, you can design a basic velvet tank leotard just for your gymnast (you input their measurements and pick the color). They have other options that add to the cost, but you can also get a leotard that is perfect- especially if your gymnast falls out of the normal size range (too thin, too thick, too long in the torso, too short in the torso, big hips, no hips, etc.).
—Guest raenndrops

Leotards for My Toddler Gymnast

My 6 year daughter just started doing gymnastics this year and her very first leotard was purchased at Target for 16.99! We ordered other leotards from different companies but most have given her "wedgies". (I paid as high as $60.00). And nothing compared to the one from Target. It has lasted us awhile now.
—Guest mama mia

The Best Leotards

I am a gymnast in competitive Team gymn, and at every competition we have there is a rack of leotards from Initially Yours (www.initiallyyourz.com). These tend to be very good-fitting, and they have a LOT more designs than the ones on the website. I don't know how other people feel about these, though, because i am usually more lenient in my fitting. I never buy leotards online; there are never many choices and I don't get to feel the texture.
—Guest Tiffany

The Best Leotards

I personally think that the well known GK is extremely expensive. Snowflake is much cheaper, has just as good, if not better, designs, and their leotards don't ride up nearly as much as many other brands. The girth measurement is definitely the most important. As a gymnast, I just look at the girth, because my other measurements always give me at least two different sizes. It has never bothered me before and my leotards fit fine. The website for Snowflake is www.snowleotards.com.
—Guest Gymnast

Favorite leotard brands

I agree that the sizing is sometimes difficult. My daughter always wears quantum leotards. The number sizing is always true to the sizing she wears in street clothes. We have been ordering from them for over 3 years now. Also, she is a bit picky and likes to design her own leotard on their website. Oh, and she cannot stand to have a wedgie!! These leotards tend not to creep up the backside.
—Guest Wendy


Always look around before buying a leo. I am a gymnast my self. I can never find a leotard that is very comfy. I don't think that i have ever bought a leotard online. The size charts are not useful as every child moves differently.
—Guest Gymnastic lover

Best leotard brands

Here are few comments about buying leotards online. I have bought from several online companies recently, mostly with good results. The greatest unknown with online buying, of course, is sizing. They all have size guides but what very few have is any indication of the fabric composition (percentage lycra). Some are as low as 2% or even pure nylon, others can be up to 20%. Even so a fabric can have more give for the same lycra percentage for no apparent reason. Most size charts have a girth size which is the most useful and accurate for estimating a fit. So my findings to date: Satara Leos. Although their girth size appears reasonable they fit is very small which is borne out by the dress size equivalent they display. Other manufacturers equate large to size 10-12 but Satara equate to size 7 and they mean it. We Love Colours. Leotards are in pure nylon so the stretch is limited. However, the size chart is quite accurate.

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