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Readers Respond: What Age Should a Child Start More Serious Training?

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when i started gymnastics

im 12 now but i started gymnastics when i was 10 i am a level 2 gymnast i think the time i started was ok because even though i started early the girls in my class were about my age so it was ok but i really think that the earlier the better.
—Guest ana

When to start Gymnastics

My 6 year old started with parent/child classes when she was 2. She's been invited to compete and is certainly strong enough, but is still young and we continue to approach it as fun, not a sport. The key has been to allow gradual development and not push her to do anything that she is hesitant to do. The early childhood programs are important in learning basic skills like balance, climbing, falling, jumping, hanging or holding herself up on the bar. All helped develop muscle strength at an earlier age. She also had a few fears that she gradually conquered. Had she started later, I am not sure she would have the same confidence today.
—Guest Guest Dr. S

TOO young for gymnastics.

3 years old.. really? your nuts. Competitive gymnastics should be saved for ages 6-8 not 3 YEARS OLD. You'll be putting a complete strain on your childs body and could practically stop them from growing!
—Guest Guest Gina.

Starting gymnastics age

I am 12. And on level four just starting. All the girls on my team are younger, skinnier and better. It's definitely better to start early. I wish I could have but we didn't have the funding to start. I love it but I hope I can progress quickly.
—Guest Hopeful

What age... YOUNG 5-9 maybe 10

I started at 10! Level 5 in the first couple of weeks as long as you know what to do you can have your gymnastics practices at home. if you go to a gym you should start at about 5 and then work your way up to 17-18 then the Olympics. Thanks :)
—Guest Coach Mya GMS Gymnastics

I love gym

I am 10 I started gym 7 weeks ago and I'm in a competition on the 20th of November I'm worried that I have started too old too get into the Olympics because being a gymnast is my ultimate dream being a vet is my second dream but gymnastics is my number 1 passion.
—Guest Alice

start as a little kid

I was in gymnastics when I was 2 years then guit and cameback. And started hard training at 8.
—Guest what age should a child start seriouse t

What age to start competitive gymnastics

We started our daughter in gymnastics around age 2 almost 3. She went to a gymnastic birthday party and had the time of her life. We were told early on that she has a lot of “raw” talent. She is little and strong. She is 5 almost 6 now and is in recreational gymnastics. We’ve kept her in recreational gymnastics (2 one-hour classes weekly) because she doesn’t have the maturity for competitive gymnastics. However, she is the best student in her class. We can see it and her coach confirms it. She loves gymnastics! We’re starting her in 30-min/weekly private coaching with a level 2 coach in addition to her 2 classes /week. We’ll see where it leads. I don’t have the answer on what is the perfect age to begin competitive gymnastics. I believe it depends. It depends on the gymnast. Is she/he mature enough and ready? It depends on the family’s capacity to accommodate long hours in the gym and possibly long commute to the gym. It depends on financial ability to support the gift. One
—Guest Julia

Starting gymnastics age

I think any age is good enough. Yes it is easier to start young but anyone can do gymnastics at any age :)
—Guest gymgirl101

right age to start gymnastics?

My 3 year old daughter has just started gymnastics and loves it!!! She keeps doing little crabs...although she cant lift her head off the floor and doing little backward tumbles of the sofa.....if they enjoy it as my daughter does i dont think that their is a problem....i dont think they should be forced!! Lauren tells me every day she loves gymnastics and is always streching etc of her own accord which i think is fantastic! :-)
—Guest Michelle

any age

your ability to develop certain abilties becomes severally truncated once you are past a certain age, nothing wrong with gymnastics AT ANY age as long as its fun for the kids particpating
—Guest vlad

What age a child starts gymnastics

My daughter started the mommy/me class as 4 months. At the age of 2 she was selected to be evaluated for more competitive gymnastics. THey wanted her, but instead waited and pushed he to a 4/5 year old class. My daughter ended up not liking gymnastics anymore. She went back down to feeling comfotable again. She is now 3 and loves the sport and back in the 5 year olds and loving it. Although they said they want her in the competitive program, I think we will wait another year until she is 4. At 3, she trains 2 times a week for an hour each class. So the jump up will only be an additional 30 mintues per class. My daighter listens very well to her coach and prior to each class I give her the same speech: Listen to your coach and do what she asks of you; Do the very best you can and pay attention to what you are doing; Have lots of fun while you are there.
—Guest steve

Young gymnasts

I started my daughter in a mom-tot class at 2, and now at 4 1/2 she was asked to join the pre-team program. She's the only one I saw over the 2 years who lasted that long. That said, the preteam program was an excellent placement for her. She is focused, energetic and competitive. If she hates it tomorrow, I can never say it was a waste. She's learned so much and loved every minute of it.
—Guest Michigan Mom

Start Gymnastics at Age 5

I think it best to learn at the the age of 5. My daughter, Morgan, started when she was 4 and she wanted to quit so I prefer to start older.
—Guest Keyanna

The Right Age

I begged my mom to start me in classes at 3 years old. When I started team at 7 I was terrible, and really tall and lanky. But my mom encouraged me to continue and I am so thankful. I have learned so many things about myself that are adaptable to every facet of my life and built friendships that will last forever. The values of hard work and perseverance, dreaming big and achieving goals, self-confidence, how to win and lose gracefully, and how to lead a team have helped me tremendously through my life. Now I am 18 and I know my life would be drastically different without gym. Whether it’s tall-and-lanky-ness or age or bad genes, everyone will have setbacks, but gymnastics is for everyone to develop their own path to success. The key to success is balance. Pushing a young gymnast too hard will make them burn out early. Always be encouraging and allow them to go at their own pace and make of gymnastics what they want -- it could end up being incredibly rewarding like it has been for me!
—Guest SeasonedVet

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What Age Should a Child Start More Serious Training?

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