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Readers Respond: Getting Past a Gymnastics Mental Block

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Almost all gymnasts get mental blocks from time to time on skills. How have you gotten over the fear? Share Your Advice

Talk your self through it

Im terrifyed of back tumbling, I have a back tuck in the end of my routine and I just tell myself, stay comited go for it.GOOD LUCK
—Guest Lakes Area 5


Girls I am a coach I got on here to try to help one of my girls overcome some of her blocks and I Just think it's important you ladies know how awesome you are if you are a gymnast you are special it's not easy what you do and you just have to believe that you are enough you are talented and special and strong if you a level 4 or a level 10 you are special toGod and you are special to your coaches try to talk to them be as honest as you need they do this because they love you faith in God and faith in yourself is so important to help you through this it doesn't mean your weak it's just a test and you will be stronger not only as a gymnast but as a person when you do (and you will) pull through this!!
—Guest Hannah

Mental block

I had my front handspring on the vault for a while then all of a sudden i couldnt do anything. Not even a straight jump onto the table. The first thing that started helping me was just imagining it with just me. I tried to forget that there was even a table. The problem was i forgot the feeling once i got ready to run. Then i just admitted to my coach that i was terrified. She got another coach to spot me and just the thought of something slightly different in the vault helped me. I just went for it and made it.
—Guest Clariss

Don't be afraid to get hurt

I'm still scared to do my round off back handspring but next time I try I'm going to do it just comit.
—Guest Jacie

Don't be afraid to get hurt

I'm still scared to do my round off back handspring but next time I try I'm going to do it just comit.
—Guest Jacie

Scared to tumble

This week I feel on my head and now I can't get myself to do a round off back handspring .i need help now
—Guest Meg


at the moment I am terrified of doing two flicks what I do is get the coaches to stand off track so I don't worry myself then once I have done one, without stopping I just throw my self over with the coach jumping on after my first flick
—Guest lily

Mental blocks stink, but......

I'm just getting over a GIGANTIC mental block (I've been shaking and losing sleep since last practice and thinking about it nonstop) and I've just been wracking my brain to find a way to do the skill I'm scared of, and all these suggestions are great (like go on three, do it without thinking) BUT I found one that makes it even better for me: watch videos of the skill I'm afraid of on YouTube! Watch how much fun they're having! Anything by Coach Meggin helps a lot because she's so enthusiastic, but any videos of the skill you are trying to do will help. And if someone falls down, notice how they almost always get up and laugh about it! Thanks soooooo much for all the suggestions here and I really hope this helped!!!
—Guest Trampolinist!

mental block

Hi:) i used to not go for a backhandspring on high beam for a LONG time! All i did was did them on the low beam for a long time at like an open gym or something until i got bored odf doing that. then i moved up to the high beam. All you have to do is do back walkover backhandspring over and over on floor until you get bored and want to go to the next level of beam! Also think to yourself "do i want to get better" if you think this you will make yourself go for it! Hope this helped:)
—Guest abby

I'm scared of beam!

Okay, your coaches always spot you and then you have to do it by yourself right? Well, after you get a few spots ask for a ghost spot. Ask her to just follow you, I remember (I'm a level 6 gymnast just saying) being really scared of my backwalkovers, so I asked for a ghost spot and then after a while I just asked my coach to stand there. Try to think positively, and try not to wait a while, because the more you let your emotions take control of you, the more scared you get! Good luck!
—Guest Flarin'fire

Mental Blocks

MENTAL BLOCKS SUCK! They are veyr hard to get over and all you want to do is just give up. DON'T GIVE UP! All you have to do is trust yourself. Another thing that helps me go is play with your tongue in your mouth before you go. That is the only thing you have control over when you are getting ready to go. I know it sounds stupid, but just try it! It really helps me.
—Guest Gymnast6517

I need help

I'm a level 3 trampolinist (this is the only site that has to do with gymnastics or trampoline) I'm stuck on the most stupid thing. A 3/4 front barani ball out. I did it perfectly last year. After that I smashed my face with my own knee and ever since then I can't do it.... I have 2 training days left and I don't do something relating to one I will be pulled out of trampoline... I need help FAST!
—Guest Mikecini

You can do it if you put your mind to it

Actually for me the key is not thinking about if at all. This will not work for skills that you have never done or for skills that you just recently learned. Really what you need to rely on us your muscle memory. Just don't think about it and go for it. You can do it. This works best with skills that you used to be good at. If you are still scared try adding something that you are comfortable with to the start of the skill. For example I used to be scared of back tumbling. No matter what I did I wouldn't go for my layout. I got over it by taking small indepent steps. Though I hadn't done my back tumbling for about 2 years I just got over it. Apparently I did great according to my coaches. Also while doing my round off backhandspring before the layout I just thought "I can do it". This may not work for everyone. Just relax and try to rely on your muscle memory to guide. Remember do not use this technique with new or recently learned skills. Good luck.
—Guest Allie

Getting through a mental block

I am currently going through a mental block. I just try to tell myself I can do it, I can do it, I can do it, but even though I tell myself that I still get scared. I say 123 go!!! I just have to throw it!!!!!
—Guest Julia

I have one too

I also have a mental block. It's for the round off back handspring back tuck. About 3 years ago I just couldn't do it. I can occasionally do it still and apparently they are BEAUTIFUL! But I just can't bring myself to do more then one or two. My advice is go in steps. If you are scared of the back walk over on beam just start with a back bend on floor. Once you are comfortable with that move to the back walkover on floor. Then go through the bed starting on the lowest ones. It is helpful to go through it in steps. Also ask you coach what you need to fix in your skill. It could be the difference that you need to make it.
—Guest Allie

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Getting Past a Gymnastics Mental Block

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