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Readers Respond: Getting Past a Gymnastics Mental Block

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Almost all gymnasts get mental blocks from time to time on skills. How have you gotten over the fear?

just do it

I was afraid of cartwheels on bean and I found that I was scared on the floor break too. I found my favorite inspirational saying and it's just do it by Nike and it's true you need to believe have some pride and go
—Guest Valerie

Male gymnast input

I had done so many high level skills, to where I couldn't even do a fly away on h-bar but all you got to do is treat gymnastics like a Disney movie and believe you can do it. I used to have a skill called kovacs a couple of years ago but then I had no gym so after having no gym for a year and I half I got scared of doing the easiest of thing in the gym. So after I realized how easy it was since I had done it I thougj why not go for it and then I tried and made it. It's a Disney movie perspective.
—Guest Rogue athlete

Mental block

I experience these sometimes too. Just force yourself to do it. the more you do it the less scary it will be. Also think positive,trust your coach,and believe in yourself!
—Guest Katelyn

Getting through mental blocks

Usually i try not to think about the skill too much, because the more I think about it, the more I scare myself. I usually try to keep my mind on other things while I am doing the skill. I'm not saying I completely forget about the skill when I'm doing it, but I think less about what could go wrong. I just imagine myself doing the skill perfectly. To not completely think about the skill i play a song i really like in my head over and over agin and that usually helps to not concentrate on just the skill.
—Guest Marissa

Mental block

Tell yourself that you've done this before there's no difference. If your doing it for the first time without a spot tel yourself it's the same thing
—Guest Julie

Getting past a meantal block

It can be very scary learning a new skill! when i was working on my backhand spring tuck i was so scared i was shaking, but thgen i just remembered how many times i did it before and i was just fine! make sure that you visualize
—Guest Guest

Over coming mental blocks

I used to be a great tumbler, perfect form and great confidence until I got injured. I have so much trouble fighting my mind. I know I can do it and my mind just won't stop fighting against me. My coaches used to get so frustrated an would say, I know you can do it. You have done it before, why not know? But no one understands what your dealing with besides yourself. So here's how to fix the problem First clear your mind of negative thoughts. Tell your self you can do it!! Don't psych yourself ou, because you are too probably right. You can do it! Second, visualize yourself making the tumbling pass. This has helped me so much! Don't allow yourself to think too much, just do it!! You might not land Perfectly, but know you made it over and try again and again. It's such a difficult task to over come mental block, but just think positive and whatever you do, do not over analyze anything! If you have done it before, you can do it again!
—Guest Amanda

Stay Positive

Mental blocks suck but you can get over it by just staying positive and not getting frustrated. The more frustrated you get the worse it's gonna be. Take a step back, breathe tell yourself you CAN do it and then go for it. You can also have a coach stand there if they will. Lastly, remind yourself again that you got this you can do it and your not going to get hurt because you have the skill!!!!! What other reason is there to be scared of something besides getting hurt? But one thing NEVER back out even if a coach is there you can hurt yourself and the coaches, trust me I've learned from experience.
—Guest Liv

Mental Blocks

I have these all the time. It doesn't help when you have a coach that just says 'If you're scared, you're in the wrong sport.' I've been in this for 10 years, I think it's the right sport. So first things first, make sure you have a coach that believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Then do it repetedly with them spotting you, gradually with them spotting less until you're confident enough.
—Guest Bailey

Getting past fear

what i do is i play the i can't say i dont no game. I will ask myself a question about doing the skill and force myself to think hard and come up with an answer. If your coach asks you why cnat you stick a balkwalkover on beam ( for example) instead of saying I dont know. Come up with a answer. Like I am scared to go backwards. Have your coach help past this! it helps
—Guest Calire

Mental Blocks

I blast techno music and get myself in 'the zone' and then do the move without thinking about it. It really helps you not focus on what's scaring you.
—Guest Guest Emily

Mental block

This may not help too much but just remember you are young and have a very strong body and any old person would switch bodies in a blink of an eye. So do gymnastics while you still can.
—Guest Former Gymnast

Mental block help

My trick is to tell myself that I'm confident in this skill. Your body doesn't know whether you're lying to it or not! Just tell yourself, "I am totally confident and I rock." It really helps!
—Guest Daria

Beat the Fear

I get these ALL THE TIME. I used to be a gymnast, then I quit because I couldn't do tumbling because of my mental block. Now I do cheerleading, and the same thing happened to me today ; I couldn't do my standing. Then I tried it with a spot, and only sometimes I could. Then when it came time to preform, I made myself think that my spotter was there, and the adrenaline made me do it. I was SO relieved and happy that I did it!
—Guest Kat

Getting Over Mental Blocks

It can be hard to get over it sometimes. But just count to three and don't think at all! Have your brain empty and go on three. It helps me all the time with standing back handsprings!
—Guest Lindsey

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