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Readers Respond: Top Tips for Getting Your Splits

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From the article: How to Do a Split
Tell us what helps you with your split.

Things you can use to repace a mat

I am a dancer so I do not have a mat at home however I just used two sofa cushion and it worked just as well!!!
—Guest Momo

Do a Split, Stretch a Bit

Okay from my experience, I think splits are hard at first but, when you will get used to it and thenyou will say, “Wow, since when did I become a pro at this, splits were hard for me and now it is a peice of cake!”. I was a cheerleader, I use to do it ALL the time in 2nd grade. Now that im in 7th grade it is a litte challening...but dont EVER give up on on yourself, belive you can do it and you will succeed. Now I can do a cartwheel and land as a split...it sort of hurts but, i can get used to it.I hope this helps!!!! Now im going to practice my splits. Oh and stretch EVER TIME BEFORE YOU DO A SPLIT!!! That is very important! Bye-bye
—Guest monkey202

Don't give up!!

Me too when I started my ballet when I was 8 my splits were pretty hard .. I rather stay in the ballet room and practice splits than to go in the mall and eat many foods,but I assure you just practice everyday and don't forget to do your stretches and then one day you will realize it's not that hard to split... Trust me :))
—Guest Celine Ballerina

Hard Stretches

I can nearly get the splits but i cant do any of those stretches??
—Guest Victoria


If you stretch everyday it will absoloutly improve your splits. I no someone that had the worst split and now it is almost all the way down. Also, as you age you lose some flexibility but I did not because I stretch A LOT. Stretch while watching tv sleep in a straddle do as much stretching as possible! It will absoloutly improve. Splits come easy for some but not others not fair righht?? Well you stretch a ton and you can be one of the people that gross people out with splits.
—Guest Liv

Tips :)

I practice for two days and almost got it! I'm like a centimeter away from the split.yay! My suggestion is to do things slowly when you do the streches slowly go down and when it hurts stop and sty there until the pain is reviled you will soon get very flexible. When you try the splits, have a picture of someone doing a split and trust me, It'll encourage you. Best of Luck!
—Guest Michelle

Learning splits

One really important thing about the splits (front and middle) is to always practice them! One week you may only be an inch away, then if you don't practice and get your body used to the splits you could end up 3 inches away. For those people trying to get their splits down, do lunges, toe touches, and just practice your splits no matter how far away you are from getting them down! Do these exercises twice a day, at least 2 hours apart, and you'll get your splits down in no time!
—Guest Lola

Don't Give up!

i have been dancing for a long time, but i have never been able to get my splits because i am not naturally flexible. But after a lot of hard work and determination i finally got them! if i can get them then you can too!
—Guest Megan

I got the splits!

It takes hard work dedication and time to be able to accomplish the splits, in a short period of time! But just one simple really easy thing you can do is stretch! EVERY SINGLE day after school, or work.. Take some time get proper clothing on and just stretch, for 30min or an hour. Even stretch while surfing the web, watching TV, reading a book. It is this simple! In less then a month you will have your splits. Good Luck. and Thanks for reading.
—Guest Marainda

its worth it

the stretches that are on here are very helpful, and you MUST to do them constantly to see results. when you are doing a stretch, push yourself until you almost want to cry and hold it for 5 secs. then slowly come up and then back to where you were, and after 2 secs go back down and it shouldnt hurt as much as before and then go farther down. do butterflies, toe-touches(on floor) and box stretches alot before you do anything. its helped me galore and more, i mean i can do a full box split and both sides of the regular splits by doing the stretches every day. dont give up, its worth it. and when it hurts, you know its working.☺☻☺☻
—Guest yaniece(former cheerleader)

Give yourself a boost

Sometimes you may feel like you can't go any farther, but try complimenting yourself. Think of the things you CAN do. Then try again. It may sound silly, but it works wonders. Don't give up!
—Guest Egal

dont strain yourself!!

hi i've always been trying to do the splits and i still cant do it but i got lower and lower each time. by the way you dont always have to try at the gym you can try it at home.just do atleast a 3 min stretch then work on your centre splits (the ones i normally do) my friend gave me a tip on how to do them, she said just go as low as you can then stop when you cant go any lower.then use both hands to reach your foot (left and right) and if you keep doing this she said that you will do it eventually. so i tried and tried and it actually worked!! and if you go figure skating on ice (like me) you would im prove more because figure skating is really good and helps your flexibillity improve. so i suggest you try the tip and mabye (if you want to) try do figure skating on ice. have fun! :)
—Guest gymnast at home

Tips for Splits

When doing your splits make sure you stretch. Go down into a split and try to push yourself down until it hurts a little bit. If you can't do that have a adult or friend push you down, and make sure you say to stop before you strain something. Do this as much as you can and you will slowly get farther and farther down!
—Guest gymnast

alittle harder

when your doing these stretches you want to push your body alittle bit further down so you feel a bit uncomftarble/pain and hold it like that in that way your actually giving your muscles a better stretch .the best one for me is the one where you have either books or pillows and what you do is you go into the splits as far as you can onto the books/pillows and sitting in that position for atleast a minute , and each time you do it you take one pillow/book off (but you dont want to push too hard down so you sont pull a muscle or brake anything) hope this helps
—Guest nikola

Extra Stretch

I'm not sure if it would work for everyone, but I do groin stretches before and after doing these and there's a visible difference both in improvement and how my legs feel afterwards.
—Guest Yasmin

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