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Readers Respond: Why Do You Do Gymnastics?

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Gymnasts -- share what you love best about gymnastics. Is it learning new skills? Competing? Being a part of a team? Tell us why you do the sport. Tell Us


I do it because it gives me strength and I love it
—Guest guestgym


gymnastics helps me get my mind off of things i dont want to think about. like once i kept a really big secret from my freind and gymntics let me forget about it and I dint want to stop. at gymnastics my club thinks i hate gymnastics but i really love it and im the worst and first gymnast at my club and people make fun of me, but i learned that i dont care what people say about me im there to do my best and i love gymnasts so im going to keep doing gymnastics and keep loving it. Its also a great sport and im 10 and in level 6. I have come far that im going to keep going. WOW I JUST SPILLED MY GUTS OUT SEE YOU NEXT TIME.
—Guest clare minar

to every gymnast, new or old.

i just joined gymnastics a few months ago. and i improved alot, and it taught me alot of things. my lifes pretty tough right now, and gymnastics lets me escape the world im in and vacation in another. im in level 4 now, and im in a level 4 -level 7 class. i watch the other girls in my class and see how good they are. and it makes me quite jealous. im the only one there who's not in competition. but then i think to myself. im no different, we're all the same. and if i train hard enough then maybe ill be at the same level they're at. in life that taught me something. i used to just sit in my room all day doing nothing, in spring break it got pretty bad and i wouldn't eat for days. i would just sit their on my laptop, and i would watch the other girls hanging out, having fun, being fit. and i got jealous. then when my parents put me in gymnastics, i thought to myself. im the one who is doing this to me. im doing this to myself. and i started "training" in life. and i accomplished my goals
—Guest anon

It's just cause

I just love it. It's hard to explain. I love it because when I'm feeling a little sad or extremely mad, it makes me feel better about myself because I know I can do something somepeoe can't.
—Guest Angie

I love gymnastics so much!

I honestly couldn't live without gymnastics. It's my life; I think the reason I love it so much is because it's so challenging. I love a challenge, i love pushing myself and working hard, it makes you feel good about yourself and boosts your confidence. It's super fun, and you get to meet new people amd make friends. Gymnastics is awesome!
—Guest AC


i started gymnastics when i was 4, my teacher saw me @ school playground and called me up and said: have your mom come to see me.... my mom came, she told the teacher her other daughter was in the team.... ohhh which one is it.... my absolute opposite of me... teacher said, take this one out and put this one in... "me", so talent scouting its crucial...... gymnastics taught me all kinds of values..... responsibility, consistency, repetition, never to give up, always go for it with decision, perseverance, continuity, character, team playing, knowing what u are good at or what u suck at....... i am stronger, aware, constant and self confident.... and many more amazing things all because of my gymnastics training.... best sport ever!!! i hold the tittle of national champion in beam!! and 8th best all -a-round in my country VENEZUELA proudly!! its hard but it pays off!!!!
—Guest marialex

Why i do gymnastics

Because it keeps you fit! Healthy! it's enjoyable! And it's challenging ! Gotta love gymnastics
—Guest Miss Lala


I love gymnastics and without doing it everyday I go bonkers. And plus all the things you can do are epic!!
—Guest Matt


gymnastics is my life. I only started this year and i am in level two already. This year i am going to comp because i am good at the beam vault and bar but not soo good at the floor but i will get there. Thanks to my coach frances ur the best x :)
—Guest rikki

To all you "old" gymnasts out there

I normally don't post anything on the web, but when I saw this I thought it was so cool, I couldn't resist. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who started doing gymnastics really late, and I do feel a little bit sad when I see how good other girls my age are. I started doing gymnastics at the age of 13 with no previous experience... I couldn't even do a handstand. I just turned 15, I'm still not great (level 3), but I have come so far, and learned so much from gymnastics. I am so grateful for the lessons that it has taught me, the lessons that apply outside the gym too. It is such an underrated sport! People think it's not hard, but you have to practice so much and give your 110% to every single practice. And that is what I love about gymnastics. I love the fact that you come home worn out everyday, and slip into bed exhausted because you have pushed yourself so hard but with a contented smile on your face because you have achieved something new.
—Guest Anon


I love it because it is give the gymnast more Self-confidence and Courage It also shows the ability of the body to do more than it seems
—Guest Tasneem

My goal.

Gymnastics is my life and I literally couldn't live without it. And of course my mom is a gym mom so all she wants is the BEST. She makes me take ballet to strengthen me. I used to dance and do gymnastics else were but now I have a new gym with a ballet studio attached!! I have so many new tricks I love. My mom says I am so artistic when I do my full. I love it all. Try it some time you could be amazed with the amazing sport!(:
—Guest Kayla

Why i do gymnastics

cause i feel at home im not good math or any of those thing when i do it it makes me feel great it like i cant live with out it im that kid it not on of them that loves school so when i do it i feel like im special it makes me happy im might be one of those kid that gets mistaken for a rubber band but i dont care what they thank i love it it challenges me to my lime it love donna
—Guest Donna

Love it.

I get to go to the gym everyday and do really cool tricks and hang with my best friends at the same time. I love the feeling when you get to compete because u get anxious and nervous but then when its over u just get a great feeling.
—Guest Kiki

i love it

i love gymnastics because it teaches me not to give up when im in a pickle, you have to keep trying
—Guest chassie

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Why Do You Do Gymnastics?

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