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Readers Respond: Why Do You Do Gymnastics?

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Gymnasts -- share what you love best about gymnastics. Is it learning new skills? Competing? Being a part of a team? Tell us why you do the sport.

Gymnastics is life

I love gymnastics because it has taught me discipline, given me confidence and strength. Once I hurt myself badly and had to retire but I love gymnastics so much that I have come out of retirement just to hurt myself again. This is a gymnasts life. We love a challenge more than anything. We love to fly, jump, flip, spin, and dance. We have the most difficult dreams compared to anyone I know yet we accomplish them they don't. We are determined we want this more than anything. That is why I love gymnastics. You put your whole life in to it knowing there is a slim chance you're goin to make it.
—Guest Julim

i love gymnastics

i love gymnastics because growing up i was always the skinny one and tall i loved sports and i was really flexible .gymnastics helped me use all that to become very good even thought you get cuts and bruises its worth every cut you'll ever get
—Guest christina

Why I Love Gymnastics

I was born a competitor and have the feeling that I can always do better. Gymnastics has given me great mental skills that I can use throughout my life.
—Guest Bella

I love gymnastics beacuse...

It once again as said lets you show off in a GOOD way, it also teaches you many diffrent skills in wich you can sort-of use to show your TRUE talent and abilty!
—Guest natalie


I do gymnastics because its the only thing that truly made me happy... when i went into the gym and was surrounded by my friends it was my life. I wasn't living in anyone's shadow or being someone i wasn't... I was 100% me and i love it...
—Guest megs

why do you do gymnastic

i love gymnastic because it is my life to do it.when i grow up i am going to be a star.i am going to be as good in the furtruer.
—Guest raionce rodney

Why I love gymnastics

The feeling of going onto the floor, bars, vault or beam just gives me a big rush, it is the best feeling in the world and it is too good to describe. I love pushing myself and my body to do things that others think are not humanly possible. I always push myself further and I feel amazing when I achieve something. Everyday I go to gymnastics I always have a goal. Gymnastics is not just a sport to me, gymnastics is my life.
—Guest gaylee

Gymnastics is my world because...

Gymnastics makes me feel stronger than the boys, yet more confident than ever. Its my world because that's all I want in life. I want to be put in the history books for something amazing and this just comes to me naturally.
—Guest Jujufruitgymnast00

Why i do gymnastics

I do gymnastics because i love it and no other reason. If you dont like the sport then your not going to do good in it because you wont put enough effort into it. then youve got to think if your strong enough physicaly and mentally to do gymnastics then you will be able to over come anything in life. Heres an amazing little saying: HOPE is wishing you could do something FAITH is thinking you can do something COURAGE is doing something because u are 100% sure you can do it
—Guest Lina

Why I love gymnastics...

I do gymnastics because it makes me feel so happy and joyful. I forget about everything and just start thinking about gymnastics. I can be with my friends and they are always there to cheer me on. I just get so happy when I do gymnastics and it's so hard to explain. I love the smell of chalk in the gym, seeing all my friends and coaches, and flipping and twisting and practicing. I don't think I could ever live without it. :)
—Guest carolinegymnast

My gymnastics story

I have always loved being the center of attention and gymnastics just came naturally to me, I was ready for level 4 the very first time I was put in lessons. I always loved playing on the bars at school and showing off to all the boys, but my mom never had enough money to pay for lessons but she got a little help and finally got me in. I love gymnastics because when I step out onto the competition floor, it's like I'm a whole different girl. My life centers around that one sport -- there isn't a way to describe the feeling of it.

Why Do I do Gymnastics?

I do gymnastics because it's the thing I love to do most in the world. I would rather give up breathing than gymnastics. It a strong way to push yourself and mold you into a better person through hard work and strong goals. Nothing feels better than flying through the air, completeing an amazing trick and sticking it for the first time. It's hard to go to another place to find the thrill, excitment and sense of achievment that you get out of doing gymnastics. It doesn't matter if your beaten up or feel like you can't move, your body hurts so bad. Because the second that you fly through the air again adn the second that those tired, sore muscles give away to let you become free, it's the closest thing I've ever come to flying before. And to just know that I'm one of the few people who would ever actually feel this way about something so passionently, I feel like my life is complete. Gymnastics has helped shape me as a person and made me better for the world. How would you not do it?
—Guest Gymnastics is my Life

Why I Do Gymnastics

I do gymnastics because it entertains me. It's a challenge and you always have to work hard to accomplish something.
—Guest Kristina

My gym is my second home

I love gymnastics because ur always achieving new skills and levels and it's Sooooo much fun u feel the rush and can never stop
—Guest Anonymous

Why I Love Gymnastics

I love the thrill when you finally land a move you have been working so hard on, that feeling is unbeatable. I am one of those gymnasts who absolutely slogs their guts out so competing is just magical! I feel that gymnastics has taught me patience, perseverence and that nothing's impossible, you can do anything you set your mind to! Yeah, it's a tough sport, you just have to push through, when it gets hard, you push harder.

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