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Shannon Miller

(Famous Gymnasts of the Past)


Shannon Miller

Shannon Miller

(Photo at left) © Paul Hawthorne / Getty Images; (Photo at right) © Tony Duffy / Getty Images
Shannon Miller won the most medals of any US athlete at the 1992 Olympics (three bronze; two silver), then followed it up with two golds at the 1996 Games.

Miller graduated from Boston College law school in 2007, and remained involved in gymnastics with her own show Gymnastics 360° with Shannon Miller, on the Comcast Network. She has also done commentary for MSNBC and NBC HDTV, and authored a book called Winning Every Day.

Miller married Chris Phillips in 1999, but the pair divorced seven years later. Miller re-married in 2007, to John Falconetti, president of Drummond Press, a printing company.

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