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Getting Started in Gymnastics


Interested in gymnastics? Here's what you need to know, from finding a gym and getting the right gear, to competing in the sport.
  1. Gymnastics 101
  2. Gymnastics Gear
  3. Competing in Gymnastics

Gymnastics 101

Gymnast Alicia Sacramone on beam at the 2008 Olympics

The basics of the sport: the different forms of gymnastics, terms to know, and how to find the best club for you.

Gymnastics Gear

Photo of a gymnastics grip at the 2008 Olympics

What you need for your first class -- and what to think about down the road.

Competing in Gymnastics

Gymnast Carly Patterson Receives Advice from Gymnastics Coach Yevgeny Marchenko

How to know when your child's ready for more time in the gym, all about the Junior Olympic program, and motivational quotes from gymnasts who've made it to the top of the sport.

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