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Shaposhnikova Release


Shaposhnikova Release

Dominique Moceanu performs a Shaposhnikova on bars at the 1996 Olympics

© Mike Powell / Getty Images
Definition: A Shaposhnikova is an uneven bars release move named after Soviet gymnast Natalia Shaposhnikova.

In the move, the gymnast starts on the low bar, facing away from the high bar. She casts and performs a free hip circle around the bar, then releases the low bar and is propelled up towards the high bar. She catches the high bar to complete the move.

When Shaposhnikova performed the move the uneven bars were much closer together than they are now, so the skill had less flight than it currently does.
Also Known As: Shaposh
Common Misspellings: Shaposhkinova
Natalia Shaposhnikova performs a Shaposhnikova in 1979

Dominique Moceanu does a Shaposhnikova on bars at the 1996 Olympics

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