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Gymnastics 101

Learn about the different types of gymnastics, terms and gymnastics jargon used, judging and rules of competition, and the star athletes of the sport.
  1. Gymnastics Glossary (40)

What Is Gymnastics?
New to the sport? Here are gymnastics FAQs -- answered!

The Difference Between Women's Gymnastics and Men's Gymnastics
The events are different but the competition formats are the same. Here are the key differences.

The Types of Gymnastics
There are seven different kinds of gymnastics -- do you know them all?

Women's Artistic Gymnastics
All about women's artistic gymnastics -- its history, the apparatus, competition, and the gymnasts to watch.

Men's Artistic Gymnastics
The basics of men's artistic gymnastics: the apparatus used, who to watch, and the scoring and history of the sport.

Rhythmic Gymnastics
An overview of rhythmic gymnastics: the apparatus, scoring, history and what to watch.

Amazing Gymnastics Photos
Some of the most beautiful, daring and difficult gymnastics tricks are showcased in these gymnastics photographs.

Funny Gymnastics Photos
A gallery of fun and funny shots -- with Nastia Liukin, Alicia Sacramone, Chellsie Memmel, and more.

Readers Share: Which Gymnast Has the Best Form?
Tell us which gymnast, past or present, has the best form.

All About Olympic Gymnastics
Everything you want to know about Olympic gymnastics: the history of the sport, the famous gymnasts of the past and present, the rules and scoring, and how to do gymnastics.

The Hardest Skills in Gymnastics -- Women's
We outline the toughest women's gymnastics skills.

The Hardest Skills in Gymnastics -- Women's
We outline the toughest men's gymnastics skills.

Are the Americans Really Good at Gymnastics?
Why the American gymnasts are so good at the sport -- especially on the women's side.

The Basics of NCAA Gymnastics
What to watch on the women's side: how the scoring works, which teams are on top, and how NCAA meets work.

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