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Where to Buy Gymnastics Leotards

The Simplest Ways to Find Great Gymnastics Leotards


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In most gymnastics clubs, your daughter will need to show up to her first class in a leotard. Even if she doesn’t have to own a leotard, she’ll probably want one – and most likely, many more than one.

There are a variety of options for buying leotards, and you’ll probably be surprised at the high prices (that much for that small of a garment?) and amazed by all of the different colors and fabrics. Here’s a rundown of the best places to purchase gymnastics leotards:

At Your Gymnastics Club

Most gyms have a small store in the lobby or office area. Typically, they’ll sell leotards, grips and other pieces of apparel and equipment here.

  • Pros: Your daughter will be able to try on the leotard for size and comfort, you’ll be able to get the leotard immediately, and you will avoid the shipping costs you’d incur with online shopping.

  • Cons: Sometimes the selection is not great, and your daughter will absolutely love that pink leotard that only comes in XXL. Some gyms will order the leotard in XS for your daughter, whereas others won’t. Also, prices vary significantly depending on the gymnastics club, but often are more expensive here than online because they are marked up by the club to make a profit. Expect to pay $40-50 for a training leotard.


There are many different companies offering leotards on the Web.

  • Pros: There's often much greater selection and the chance to shop around for the best prices.

  • Cons: The major disadvantage is sizing: Even if you carefully measure your daughter or you know her leotard size, she may still dislike the fit of the leotard. Always check the company’s return policy before you order.

Some of the best, most reputable leotard companies are:
  • GK Elite: One of the most well-known brands in gym apparel, this company sells everything from holiday-themed leotards to ones that promote breast cancer awareness. Prices: $30-40 for regular training leotards; $45 & up for leotards from their special collections (holiday, Adidas, etc.)

  • Rebecca’s Mom Leotards: This company was started by (you guessed it) a mother of a gymnast. It’s a little more difficult to order from them (by phone only), and their availability is sometimes low, but they have great customer service. Prices: $28-50, with sale prices as low as $15

  • Gym Divas, Inc.: The selection is more limited, but they offer some very fun designs, and more styles are available via downloadable catalogs. Prices: $30-35, and leotards come with a matching hair scrunchie

At a Local Dance or Girls' Clothing Boutique

Many stores carry leotards and other activewear.

  • Pros: These stores can be very convenient, and as mentioned above, your child will get to try it on first.

  • Cons: Usually the selection is very limited and the prices are more expensive ($45-50). Of course, this varies dramatically from store to store, so it’s still worth taking a look.

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