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Who Made the 2008 Olympic Gymnastics Team?

The Olympic Gymnasts of 2008


Who Made the 2008 Olympic Gymnastics Team?

Nastia Liukin on the uneven bars

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Meet the members of the London 2012 Olympic gymnastics team -- the first Olympic gold medalists for the US since 1996.

The US women were the defending world champions, and took silver during the team finals in Beijing. Here's a look at the squad.

Meet the Olympic Gymnastics Team

  • Shawn Johnson
    Johnson was the 2007 World All-Around Champion, and racked up a steady stream of all-around wins in her first year as a senior competitor: at the American Cup, the Pan American Games, and USA Nationals. She defended her all-around title at the 2008 Nationals, and won the Olympic Trials as well.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She does some of the hardest routines being performed in the world, and almost always hits them cold. She also has the enviable status of coming into the Olympics as the reigning world champion.
    Shawn Johnson Photo Gallery

  • Nastia Liukin

  • Liukin has won the all-around at four national championships (two as a junior in 2003 & 2004, and two as a senior in 2005 & 2006). She finished second all-around at the World Championships in 2005 (losing to teammate Chellsie Memmel by the slimmest margin possible [.001 points]), and has won a total of nine medals at Worlds.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She can bring in enormous scores on uneven bars and balance beam, and is known for her beautiful artistry throughout all her routines.
    Nastia Liukin Photo Gallery

  • Alicia Sacramone
    Sacramone has won a world title on floor (2005) and medaled three times on vault at Worlds (2005-07).
    Her Biggest Strengths: She’s been a rock for the USA team on vault and floor, and more recently on beam as well. She can be counted on to do a great routine when the team most needs it.
    Alicia Sacramone Photo Gallery

  • Chellsie Memmel
    As mentioned earlier, Memmel was the 2005 World All-Around Champion, and has an impressive medal tally on the other events as well: a gold (2003) and silver (2005) on bars, a silver on beam (2005), and a gold (2003) and silver (2006) from team competition. After battling a shoulder injury throughout 2007, she placed third all-around at the 2008 Nationals and third again at the Olympic Trials.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She’s known for having big tricks and risky routines, and being a tough-as-nails competitor.

  • Samantha Peszek
    Peszek was also a member of the 2007 world team, and helped the USA team win gold at the Pan American Games as well. At the 2008 American Cup she finished third all-around, and she ranked fourth all-around at 2008 Nationals and Olympic Trials.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She is a very good vaulter, and proved at the American Cup and Nationals that she can put up solid scores on every event. She also has some of the most difficult tumbling in the world in her floor routine.

  • Bridget Sloan
    Sloan was named the alternate to the 2007 world team, in just her first year of competition at the senior level. She also placed third all-around in the Beijing Olympic Test Event at the end of 2007.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She’s good on all the events and could compete on any one of them if need be. She's also improved her bar routine recently, and placed third on bars (behind Liukin and Memmel) at the 2008 US Nationals. She can vault a solid double-twisting Yurchenko if the team needs her on that event.

The Alternates

These gymnasts were counted on to fill in if a member of the competing team got injured.
  • Jana Bieger
    Bieger was a member of the 2006 world team, as well as the World All-Around Silver Medalist in 2006.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She is solid on all four events, and can be counted on to hit her routines.

  • Ivana Hong
    Hong was a member of the 2007 world and Pan American teams.
    Her Biggest Strengths: She is accomplished on all four events, and does her gymnastics with incredible form that the judges love.

  • Corrie Lothrop
    Lothrop proved herself to be a consistent competitor at both the Olympic Trials (8th all-around) and US Nationals (9th all-around).
    Her Biggest Strengths: It's been rumored that Lothrop has been training an Amanar vault, which could really help the team out if they end up needing another vaulter.

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