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US Olympic Gymnasts (Women)


Gabrielle Douglas of US
Ryan Pierse/Staff/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Jennie Caputo
Consetta Caruccio
Margaret Duff
Irma Haubold
Marie Kibler Phillips
Ada Lunardoni Cumiskey
Adelaide Meyer
Mary Wright
George Miele, Coach
Dr. Margaret Brown, Manager

1948 (bronze medal)
Ladislava A. Bakanic
Marion Twyning Barone
Dorothy Dalton
Meta Neumann Elste
Consetta Lenz
Clara Schroth Lomady
Helen Schifano
Anita Simonis Zetts
George Miele, Coach
Joseph Salzman, Coach

Marion Twyning Barone
Dorothy Dalton
Meta Neumann Elste
Ruth Grulkowski
Marie Hoesly
Doris Ann Kirkman
Clara Schroth Lomady
Ruth Topalian
Roberta Bonniwell, Coach

Muriel Davis Grossfeld
Doris Fuchs Brause
Judith Hult Howe
Jacquelyn Klein Fie
Joyce May Racek
Sandra M. Ruddick
Ingeborg Elizabeth Fuchs, alternate
Erna Wachtel, Coach

Doris Fuchs Brause
Muriel Davis Grossfeld
Betty Maycock
Teresa Montesfusco
Sharon Lee Richardson
Gail Sontegrath Whitney
Janet Bachna, Coach

Kathleen Corrigan Ekas
Muriel Davis Grossfeld
Dale McClements Flansaas
Linda Metheny Mulvihill
Janie Speaks Arnold
Marie Walther Bilski
Doris Fuchs Brause, alternate
Vannie Edwards, Coach
Fay Gulack, Manager

Wendy Cluff Calabro
Kathy Gleason
Linda Metheny Mulvihill
Colleen Mulvihill
Cathy Rigby McCoy
Joyce Tanac Schroeder
Diane Bolin, alternate
Caroline Pingatore, alternate
Muriel D. Grossfeld, Coach
Abie Grossfeld, Assistant Coach
Dick Mulvihill, Assistant Coach
Vannie Edwards, Manager

Kim Chace May
Linda Metheny Mulvihill
Joan Moore Gnat
Roxanne Pierce Mancha
Cathy Rigby McCoy
Nancy Thies Marshall
Debbie Hill, alternate
Muriel D. Grossfeld, Coach
Dale McClements Flansaas, Manager

Kolleen Casey Shields
Kim Chace May
Carrie Lynne Englert
Kathy Howard
Debra Ann Wilcox
Leslie Wolfsberger Jambon
Jodi Yocum Marberger, alternate
Dale McClements Flansaas, Coach
Rod Hill, Manager

Luci Collins Cummings
Marcia Frederick Blanchette
Kathy Johnson Clarke
Beth Kline
Amy Koopman
Julianne McNamara
Tracee Talavera
Ernestine Weaver, Coach
Paul Ziert, Asst. Coach

1984 (silver medal)**
Pam Bileck
Michelle Dusserre Farrell
Kathy Johnson Clarke
Julianne McNamara Zeile
Mary Lou Retton Kelly
Tracee Talavera
Marie Roethlisberger, alternate
***Lucy Wener
Don Peters, Coach
Roe Kreutzer, Asst. Coach

Kelly Garrison Steves
Brandy Johnson Scharpf
Melissa Marlowe
Phoebe Mills
Hope Spivey Sheeley
Chelle Stack
Rhonda Faehn
Kristie Phillips, alternate
Bela Karolyi, Coach
Donna Strauss, Asst. Coach

1992 (bronze medal)
Wendy Bruce
Dominique Dawes
Shannon Miller
Betty Okino
Kerri Strug
Kim Zmeskal
Michelle Campi, alternate
Bela Karolyi, Coach

1996 (gold medal)
Amanda Borden
Amy Chow
Dominique Dawes
Shannon Miller
Dominique Moceanu
Jaycie Phelps
Kerri Strug
Martha Karolyi, Coach
Mary Lee Tracy, Asst. Coach

2000 (bronze medal, after China was stripped of the bronze)
Amy Chow
Jamie Dantzscher
Dominique Dawes
Kristen Maloney
Elise Ray
Tasha Schwikert
Alyssa Beckerman, alternate
***Morgan White
Bela Karolyi, National Team Coordinator
Kelli Hill, Coach
Steve Rybacki, Asst. Coach

2004 (silver medal)
Mohini Bhardwaj
Annia Hatch
Terin Humphrey
Courtney Kupets
Courtney McCool
Carly Patterson
Allyse Ishino, alternate
Chellsie Memmel, alternate
Tasha Schwikert, alternate
Kelli Hill, Head Coach
Yevgeny Marchenko, Asst. Coach
Armine Barutyan-Fong, Coach
Al Fong, Coach
Chris Waller, Coach
Alan Hatch, Coach

2008 (silver medal)
Shawn Johnson
Nastia Liukin
Chellsie Memmel
Samantha Peszek
Alicia Sacramone (captain)
Bridget Sloan
Jana Bieger, alternate
Ivana Hong, alternate
Corrie Lothrop, alternate
Liang Chow, Head Coach
Martha Karolyi, Asst. Coach
Valeri Liukin, Coach
XueYi (Peter) Zhao, Coach
Mihai Brestyan, Coach
Marvin Sharp, Coach
Andy Memmel, Coach

2012 (gold medal)
Gabby Douglas
McKayla Maroney
Aly Raisman
Kyla Ross
Jordyn Wieber
Sarah Finnegan (alternate)
Anna Li (alternate)
Elizabeth Price (alternate)
John Geddert, Head Coach
Jenny Zhang, Asst. Coach
Liang Chow, Coach
Artur Akopyan, Coach
Mihai Brestyan, Coach

*The USA boycotted the 1980 Olympics, but a formal Olympic trials was held and a team was named.
**Per USA Gymnastics, Lucy Wener (1984) and Morgan White (2000) are recognized as Olympians, though both were injured before the competition and were unable to compete.
***In 1984 the USSR -- the most dominant team of the era -- boycotted the Games, possibly affecting the results

Source: USA Gymnastics

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