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Women's All-Around

Olympic Gymnastics Medalists


Olympic champion gymnast Nastia Liukin performs on floor at the 2008 Olympics

Nastia Liukin on floor

© Julian Finney

The Olympic all-around medalists from 1952 (the first year women's all-around competition was held), through 2012.


  • 1952 (Helsinki, Finland)
    GOLD Maria Gorokhovskaya, USSR 76.780
    SILVER Nina Botsharova, USSR 75.940
    BRONZE Margit Korondi, Hungary 75.820


  • 1956 (Melbourne, Australia)
    GOLD Larissa Latynina, USSR 74.993
    SILVER Agnes Keleti, Hungary 74.633
    BRONZE Sofia Mouratova, USSR 74.466


  • 1960 (Rome, Italy)
    GOLD Larissa Latynina, USSR 77.031
    SILVER Sofia Mouratova, USSR 76.696
    BRONZE Polina Astakhova, USSR 76.164


  • 1964 (Tokyo, Japan)
    GOLD Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia 77.564
    SILVER Larissa Latynina, USSR 76.998
    BRONZE Polina Astakhova, USSR 76.965


  • 1968 (Mexico City, Mexico)
    GOLD Vera Caslavska, Czechoslovakia 78.250
    SILVER Zinaida Voronina, USSR 76.850
    BRONZE Natalia Kuchinskaya, USSR 76.750


  • 1972 (Munich, Germany)
    GOLD Ludmilla Tourischeva, USSR 77.025
    SILVER Karin Janz, East Germany 76.875
    BRONZE Tamara Lazakovitch, USSR 76.850


  • 1976 (Montreal, Canada)
    GOLD Nadia Comaneci, Romania 79.275
    SILVER Nellie Kim, USSR 78.675
    BRONZE Ludmilla Tourischeva, USSR 77.025


  • 1980 (Moscow, USSR)
    GOLD Elena Davydova, USSR 79.15
    SILVER (tie) Maxi Gnauck, East Germany 79.075; Nadia Comaneci, Romania 79.075


  • 1984 (Los Angeles, USA)*
    GOLD Mary Lou Retton, USA 79.175
    SILVER Ecaterina Szabo, Romania 79.125
    BRONZE Simona Pauca, Romania 78.675


  • 1988 (Seoul, Korea)
    GOLD Elena Shushunova, USSR 79.662
    SILVER Daniela Silivas, Romania 79.637
    BRONZE Svetlana Boguinskaya, USSR 79.400


  • 1992 (Barcelona, Spain)
    GOLD Tatiana Gutsu, The Unified Team** 39.737
    SILVER Shannon Miller, USA 39.725
    BRONZE Lavinia Milosovici, Romania 39.687


  • 1996 (Atlanta, USA)
    GOLD Lilia Podkopayeva, Ukraine 39.255
    SILVER Gina Gogean, Romania 39.075
    BRONZE (tie) Simona Amanar, Romania 39.067; Lavinia Milosovici, Romania 39.067


  • 2000 (Sydney, Australia)
    GOLD Simona Amanar, Romania 38.642***
    SILVER Maria Olaru, Romania 38.581
    BRONZE Liu Xuan, China 38.418


  • 2004 (Athens, Greece)
    GOLD Carly Patterson, USA 38.387
    SILVER Svetlana Khorkina, Russia 38.211
    BRONZE Zhang Nan, China 38.049


  • 2008 (Beijing, China)
    GOLD Nastia Liukin, USA 63.325
    SILVER Shawn Johnson, USA 62.725
    BRONZE Yang Yilin, China 62.650


  • 2012 (London, Great Britain)
    GOLD Gabrielle Douglas, USA 62.232
    SILVER Viktoria Komova, Russia 61.973
    BRONZE Aliya Mustafina, Russia 59.566

* In 1984 the USSR -- the most dominant team of the era -- boycotted the Games, possibly affecting the results

** In 1992, the former USSR competed as the Unified Team, then split into independent republics starting in 1996.

***In 2000, the results of the 2000 Olympic all-around were officially changed after original champion Andreea Raducan tested positive for a banned substance. More on this here.


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