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2000: Andreea Raducan Stripped of Olympic Gold

(The Biggest Controversies in Olympic Gymnastics)


2000: Andreea Raducan Stripped of Olympic Gold

Andreea Raducan stands on the shoulders of her coach Octavian Belu after winning the all-around

© Ezra Shaw / Getty Images
Despite the controversy of the vault height, three Olympic medalists were named in the women's all-around competition in Sydney. Andreea Raducan of Romania won gold, with compatriots Simona Amanar and Maria Olaru winning silver and bronze.

Shortly after the competition, however, Raducan was stripped of her medal after testing positive for the banned substance pseudoephedrine. She had been given the substance in cold medicine provided by the team doctor.

Raducan was allowed to keep the team gold and vault silver medals she won in different competitions during the Games, because she had clean tests after both of those medals were awarded. Amanar was also provided with the same cold medicine, and it is thought that Raducan tested positive mostly because of her tiny size (82 lbs).

In a hearing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport after the Games, members of the panel acknowledged that the medicine did not improve her performance, but upheld the ruling that she should be stripped of her medal, citing a zero-tolerance code in drug cases. To add insult to injury, pseudoephedrine has now been removed from the banned substances list.

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Andreea Raducan on vault in the 2000 Olympic all-around finals
Raducan on bars
Raducan on beam
Raducan on floor

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