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Parenting a Young Gymnast

Get tips for helping your child to succeed in gymnastics, and learn about safety, nutrition, and common injuries and treatments.

Start Your Child in Gymnastics
How to find the right gymnastics club, what to wear, and the equipment you'll need.

When Should My Kid Start Serious Training?
Find out what coaches recommend.

Readers Share: When Should a Child Start Gymnastics?
Are you a coach or a gym parent? Tell us what age you think kids should begin more "serious" gymnastics.

Readers Share: Tips on Parenting a Gymnast
Do you have a child involved in the sport? Share what you've learned about parenting a gymnast.

Am I Supporting My Gymnast the Right Way?
Many parents struggle with this question, and with walking the line between involvement and over-involvement in their child's sport. Gymnastics coach Brian Bakalar weighs in with some advice.

Is it Safe for My Child to Do Gymnastics at Home?
Tips from gymnastics coach Brian Bakalar to help keep your child from getting injured while doing gymnastics in your house.

Competition Hints
Tips for parents to help their gymnasts handle the often nerve-wracking experience of gymnastics competition.

USA Gymnastics Banned Coaches
The list of coaches who are no longer allowed to be certified by USA Gymnastics because of their conduct.

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