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Training Advice

Master new skills and perfect skills you have, learn strength and flexibility exercises to improve your gymnastics, and find out more about the importance of good nutrition and mental preparation.

You Know You're a Gymnast When...
Gymnasts are a unique breed -- here's how you know you're one of them.

Readers Share: You Know You're a Gymnast When...
We made our list, now tell us yours! How do you know you're a gymnast?

6 Ways to Be a Happier, Healthier Gymnast
Simple steps to staying healthy in both mind and body.

How to Do a Bridge
Learn how to a bridge stretch -- the building block of front and back walkovers and more.

How to Do a Back Walkover
The steps to successfully completing a back walkover.

Beat a Mental Block
Scared of a skill? It happens to everyone. Here's how to get past it.

Readers Share: How to Get Past a Mental Block
Readers give their own tips and advice for besting a mental block.

Do a Front Walkover
A step-by-step guide to learning this skill.

Learn a Back Flip
A step-by-step guide to mastering a back tuck.

Inspirational Quotes for Gymnasts
Tell us quotes that inspire you, and read ones that motivate other gymnasts and athletes.

How to Do a Center Split
Step by step stretching instructions for how to do a middle (straddle) split.

How to Do a Split
Easy stretches to help you learn how to do a split, oversplit and ring leap split.

Readers Share: Tips for Learning a Split
Tell us your best advice for getting more flexible -- and read what others said.

How Can I Get More Flexible?
Easy ways to increase your flexibility.

Learn a Perfect Handstand
Performing a great handstand is one of the most important steps to becoming a skilled gymnast.

Readers Share: A Skill That Makes Me Proud
Tell us about a skill you love to do -- and why!

How to Treat a Rip
How to treat a gymnastics rip -- from cleaning it to making a tape grip, here's how to take care of your rip.

Tell Other Gymnasts: Why Do You Do Gymnastics?
Share why you love the sport.

Readers Share: Silly Questions People Ask
What's the most ridiculous question someone has ever asked you about gymnastics?

Gymnastics Skills, Drills and Conditioning Exercises
A great web resource with animations of many gymnastics skills, as well as the conditioning moves and drills to help you learn those skills.

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