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Readers Respond: What Are Your Favorite Leotard Brands?

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Tell us where you like to buy leotards, what brands you think are best, and any other tips you might have. Share Your Advice

Gymnastics Leotards

Definitely have your child try the leo on and move around in in before you buy it. From my experience, if it's even a tiny bit uncomfortable the kid's never going to wear it. I think GK is the absolute best leotard company in terms of quality and fit. I've always loved the look of Milano and Dreamlights leotards, but they are way too expensive.
—Guest Rachael

Leotard Washing

My one piece of advice after having three gymnasts... you don't need to follow the leotard washing instructions! They always say to hand wash in cold water separately, but I always put theirs in the washing machine. I skip the dryer and let them hang dry, but I've never noticed any extra wear and tear from washing them in the machine. And who has time to hand wash leos?
—Guest Alison M


I recommend ebay because they have very cheap lovely quality leos.
—Guest Lilyluvgym

Online Resources

Allaboutdance.com (nice clean site, easy to use, competitive prices, free shipping both ways) www.discountdance.com (comprehensive, low prices) For dance classes: Old Navy has great cotton ones periodically on sale for very little
—Guest anon101

How we create leotards for rhythmic gymn

Rhythmic gymnastics leotards are the result of our specialists’ work. All our friendly staff participates in the custom leotard creation process. We use large variety of colors and high quality fabrics from Italy in our manufacturing. Leotards glued with Swarovski and Radiance crystals, give charming magnificence to the rhythmic gymnastics costumes. Moreover we create leotards according to the sketch of our customers. If you have a leotard of your dream, we are ready to create it for you with joy and warmth in our hearts! The cost is calculated individually in this case. We can create a sketch for you or make leotards you’re dreaming about according to the photos you provide. All these leotards, including warm-ups, can be sewn in accordance with your individual measurements in a very compressed time frame (2 weeks) without trying on. If you have already chosen the leotard at our site, but you’d like to change the design, the elements (collar, sleeves, skirt, painting) or color, you c
—Guest Gymnastics fantastic


I own a very small shop that makes leotards. http://www.practiceLeo.com Customers take part in creating their own leotard by chosing from a handful of styles and selecting fabrics. For hard to fit customers, I offer custom sizing.
—Guest Cathy Presti

It's never to late

I’m 18 and I'm going to be 19 soon. I started when I was 17 and now I'm in level 5. I'm trying out for level 6 for competition season. It truly all depends on how dedicated you are. If you start out older all of the kids in your class will be younger then you but if you are serious it shouldn't matter to you. The one thing I would have to say though is the pain level is horrible so you have to have a high pain tolerance level. My goal is to make it to the Olympics when I turn 25. I take private lesson every week and yoga every day and an actual gymnastics class so that’s working out over 2 hours in one day. You can start at any age don’t let anybody tell you different you just have to be really serious about it! After all there has been a 30 and 40 year old in the olympics so never give up on it.
—Guest Haile

Great Leotards

Gym Chix is a great website for gymnastics leotards. They have a decent selection of Alpha Factor leotards at a very good price. The best part, shipping is 2.50 for most orders. The leotards are beautiful and wear well.

It's so cool to buy leos from Russia!

I like lovely gymnastics-fantastic.com leotards! We are from Netherlands and we thought that it will be hard to get leotards here! But everything was ok and my daughter has taken 1 place! They changed the design of the leotard and told us that they can make leos for the whole club! And their prices are quite reasonable. Me and my friend Vickie bought leotards and the delivery was splitted! They are awesome!!!I will surely order again from this store! It makes my daughter so happy!
—Guest Leona

Quatro Gymnastics Leotards Online

www.quatrogymnastics.com Free UK shipping on orders over £50! Quatro Gymnastics Leotards Online offer a huge range of bespoke, Olympics and club girl's gymnastics leotards.
—Guest Girls Gymnastics Leotards

I like Russian leotards

Especially web store «Gymnastics–Fantastic» (http://gymnastics-fantastic.com/), which is already the second web store of the well-known trade-manufacturing Russian brand «Dancing» (http://www.danceplus.ru/). Each year they sew and send about thousand of leotards of any complexity not only across vast Russia, but also across the whole world.

GF leotards

I buy russian leotards in http://www.gymnastics-fantastic.com/ - it's cheap and delivery is rather fast! They has really huge amount of different models(you can find it at their russian site danceplus.ru )! And all are awesome!!! They also put 'em in such cute boxes! My daughter is so happy getting them!
—Guest Eva, Romania

Get Leotards Online

Many clubs have their own sports shops and sell leotards. The advantage of this is being actually able to try the leotards on. On the other hand however, frequently the selection choices are not good, and that beautiful pink foil and velour leotard that your daughter has fallen in love with isn’t available in her size. There are lots of websites on the internet, if you’re looking to buy leotards online, and usually they have a significantly greater assortment of brands and prices than gym shops. Be sure to check the size charts and return policies before purchasing! Check out http://getleotards.com They have leotards for all budgets...even pre-used leos!

Milano leotards

They are expensive but they are the best quality and so comfortable. They have great colours and styles too. They are the best leotards -- they last ages as well.
—Guest 10storytimetales

Pelle Activewear and other brands

Full disclosure is that my wife and I own Pelle Activewear, so this is a biased comment, but I'll try to offer good information. Pelle Activewear manufactures and sells gymnastics-wear including leotards and biketards (sometimes called unitards; their like leotards with short legs). We actually sell more biketards than leotards, which may be unique to our gymnastics-wear company. Our focus is on the younger, recreation kids. Honestly, the older kids and competitive kids tend to choose GK or Alpha Factor over us, which is fine (those are good companies and they focus on competitive kids). We have a huge selection of durable, comfortable, colorful and fun biketards and leotards targeted at rec kids. Other companies that you might check out for biketards are Destira and Garland. We know the owners of both companies and they are good people with good products too.
—Guest Pelle

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What Are Your Favorite Leotard Brands?

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