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Readers Respond: What Age Should a Child Start More Serious Training?

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Gym parents and gymnasts: tell us, what age did you or your child start more serious gymnastics training? Do you think it was the right age?

Gymnastics coaches, what do you think is the best age to start a more serious program? Share Your Advice

The right age to start gymnastics

Six sounds just right to me too. My kid started at six and never looked back. The more serious it is when they're young, the more likely they won't last in the sport. And they don't learn enough between ages 3-7 or even 8 that a kid who starts later is far behind.
—Guest sandra

Best age to start gymnastics

I started when I was 8, and I didn't compete until I was 10. This might seem old to some people, but I felt like I had fabulous coaches, and I reached all of my dreams in gymnastics. I was glad to have not been pushed too hard, and lucky to not have a gym mom or dad that was crazy involved. I got a college scholarship which was exactly my end goal.
—Guest allison

When gymnasts should start

Age isn't the right metric; it should be based on the temperament, maturity for the age, passion, and determination of the child. A group of 8 kids started semi-serious at 6 yo. Within a few years all but one dropped it, but she migrated to successively more serious gyms. We can't keep her out of the gym anymore than we could force her peers into it. A coach needs to understand the personality of the child to know if serious training is appropriate, and this is not simply a matter of age. Even beyond that, one coach/program may be a great fit for the child, while another at the same age may be a complete misfit.
—Guest Mac

The younger the better

I'm a gymnastics coach and we take children from as young as 2. Developing the body at a young age is essential for a gymnast to do well. The club will decide when the child should be moved into higher classes but the younger this child starts to train the better the chance they have of succeeding well in the sport.
—Guest Gymnast123

It depends!

Starting young does help, but loads of people start at like 8-12 and they still are really good! It depends or your determination, passion and talent, really.
—Guest Madison

What age

that depends if you want your kid to be an Olympian I would say she start competitive gymnastics (level 4) at age seven and put hehr in gymnastisc classes at age 3
—Guest person

Age kinda matters

I quit when I was little and I'm back after five years and totally regret quitting. Start as early as you can and dont let them quit! TALENT DOES NOT MATTER. As long as they want it bad they'll make it. It's just as hard as they work, no matter age shape or size. You want them to feel comfortable on their team, in the right age group... But they can go on not caring what anybody thinks and try and make it to the top! But if they're young they can participate in the TOPPS program.
—Guest Abby

Doesn't matter

I started when I was 5/6 and when I was invited to Pre-team/8 years old I dropped out. I'm 9 and I just started back. It is never too late to start if you just TRY YOUR BEST!
—Guest Coolness

any age!

I just started and I'm twelve, but because I practice so much, I'm already in intermediate classes. If you dream it,you can achieve it! I expected that I couldn't do it, but I'm probably going to aim for team in a year! It really doesn't matter how old you are as long as you love the sport. :)
—Guest ava

It doesn't really matter

Believe it or not I started gymnastics at age 10, when I first began I was terrible I couldn't do a pullover a split a cartwheel a handstand a back bend a back hip circle nothing, but now I am 10 1/2 and still on level one but I can do a pullover a back hip circle a cartwheel a handstand and I can almost do a back bend! It is best to start young of course but it will be much easier height wise 4 a tween so it's best to see if one of their friends want to do it with them that way it's more fun. Hope this helped!!!!!
—Guest Alexis

The appropriate age

Hi! I'm Brianna and I am 15 years old.. I started gymnastics when I was three years old... I love gymnastics so much! I started competing when I was 7 years old... I love it! I'm currently a level 10... I think that the appropriate age to start competing/serious training is probably around 7... It is a HUGE commitment... When I was seven I trained for 3 days a week... Now that I am a level 10 I go 5-6 days a week... It's a very serious commitment but I don't mind because I love it!
—Guest xx_gymnast_xx


I started gymnastics when I was 3. I didn't get serious until I was 6/7.... I'm now 12 and am a level 5! I feel kind of old for my level, but if you are passionate like I am, that shouldn't matter! :))
—Guest Ally

What Is the right Age

I think a young age is better because they haven't yet developed fear. I started when I was 4 then quit when i was 9 but now i am back on team level 4 and getting moved to 5. Plus, I have only been practising for a month. I am trying out for traveling team which practices for four days a week for four hours each day, but im ready!
—Guest Gynastics425

The Younger the Better

I started gymnastics at age of 5 months in the mommy and me class. Now im 9 and im level 6 training hard at 6 hours every day. when i was 6 years old they asked me to join advanced at level 3. That was only 3 years ago. Im very thankful for starting younger because im more advandced now. I am the youngest on my team. My dream is to become an oylimpic gold medalist. I think that dream will come true. By the time im 12 or i shoud be level 8. When im about 15 you might see me at the oylimpics. But for right noe im gonna focus on my carrrer. Remember gymnastics is all about strengh, balance, and flexibility.
—Guest Vanessa

When They Want!

They can start any age they want! Im 11 i started at 4 now i can do lots of things! but everyone is different! so start any age u want!
—Guest Denise Ionescu

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What Age Should a Child Start More Serious Training?

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